We started off as a game jam team.

That's right! Even though we've all worked in games and threw around the idea of developing one of our own, it didn't really take off until we participated in our first Ludum Dare. It's a great motivator and a good way to churn out prototypes. We still participate in them and if you haven't, you really should. It's a lot of fun!


Jam – Ludum Dare #32 | Theme – An Unconventional Weapon | Link

You're a tiny bacteriophage who is on a phage therapy mission to fight off some icky bacterial infections. Your goal is to find the nucleus and replicate yourself (via insertion) in order to destroy the bacteria. We took a break after LD#30 because that one really drained us and because we started development on Death Whimsy. BacterioRage is using Zach's platforming framework, Spineless, which we are also using for Death Whimsy.


Jam – Ludum Dare #30 | Theme – Connected Worlds | Link

"If" is a game about exploring your emotions and past events within the mind, in order to overcome them and survive real life. The protagonist stands at a ledge, about to jump, agonizing over past mistakes. The only way to prevent it is to go back through the fragile mind, to repeat the same mistakes, to ponder, "what if I could master these painful emotions, to use them as a strength, rather than a hindrance?


Jam – Ludum Dare #29 | Theme – Beneath the Surface | Link

Our very first game jam game. It holds a special place in our heart. You assume the role of a robotic tick (Robotick, get it?) who is yearning to become conscious, so it harvests DNA from beneath the surface of your skin. As you gain DNA, the tick learns to speak. We integrated randomly generated speech with text-to-speech from the Cards Against Humanity words list and phrase particles. It ... is very NSFW language.